Online advertising, which can also be referenced by terms such as ‘internet advertising’, or ‘web advertising’, is a form of advertising in which we use paid ad placements to communicate marketing messages to consumers. There are many different platforms and tactics to deliver online advertising, some of them include: paid search and display advertising (text and visual ads), web banner advertising, native advertising, paid social media ads, and paid video ads on platforms like YouTube.

With so many options available, advertising can be intimidating, that’s where we come in. We’re here to take over the reins for you, but also be completely transparent and communicate with you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to connect with progressive companies who understand what it takes to succeed, then we build a foundation, develop a roadmap to reaching that success – and execute.


When anyone thinks of online advertising, the first thing they probably think of are “Those Google ads at the top of search pages?” Yes, that’s them. Those are called paid search ads, also known as AdWords (or Bing Ads) or Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). These are the most common and usually the most effective types of online ads you can start off with, and continue to use in large paid search campaigns.

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Paid search allows you the control to enter and bid on relevant search terms, keywords and phrases that will serve up your ads when queried by searches on their respective search engines like Google or Bing. When we setup your paid ad campaigns, we bid on the terms we setup in what’s called an ad auction. Ad auctions are the platforms that ensure we as advertisers have a fair chance of our ads being displayed to the end-users, rather than just losing out to the biggest budgets.

There are many factors that go into running a successful paid search campaign. Things like having highly relevant search terms for your campaigns, correct match types, structured ad groups, unique and relevant content on your website, custom landing pages and many other factors.


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Paid social is a game-changer! Social Media Marketing has transformed web advertising of the future. Social networking has quite literally changed the way we communicate these days, which has changed marketing and advertising entirely. Marketing and advertising is all about reaching your target audience where they spend their time, and for a lot of people that means finding them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

One of the biggest differences in paid social advertising as opposed to paid search advertising, is in the function of how your ads reach the consumer. For paid search, consumers are searching for a brand, product or service. With paid social advertising, we as the advertisers are searching for the consumer, not the other way around.

Facebook in particular, has the most targeted advertising platform on the planet because of the information it collects about its users. Advertisers can target prospective customers using hundreds of different parameters – from demographic data such as age, gender, employment, income level, education level, marital status, interests, all the way down to browsing and social behavior.

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Prospective customers can also be targeted by pages and people they follow, and the things they buy and read. These custom targeted audiences can be created from your existing customer data to create mirrored audiences for your campaigns on Facebook. Just because you can use this targeting platform doesn’t mean that it’s going to work if you don’t do your homework. Research must still be done, data must be compiled, and goals setup before starting social advertising campaigns.


There are a lot of people who think that slapping a website up on the internet and placing a few ads here and there are going to produce results for them, and then they get furious when they don’t the results they hoped for, or any results at all for that matter. It’s just not that simple folks. Think about how big the internet actually is, how many people are connected, how many business market themselves and their products online, it’s endless. Don’t kid yourself and think that it doesn’t take a lot of work, skill and testing to produce results. Our expert staff has years of experience in every service we offer, and we never stop learning.

Not every online advertising campaign will have the same elements involved, but the following components are very common in any digital marketing campaign.


Text ads and visual display ads such as web banners, are offered both by Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The difference between the two are self-explanatory, text ads are just that, text-based ads, and display ads are visual ads such as web banners or similar formats where usually some form of media is involved. There are many different formats available to us to use as advertisers, and we don’t always use just one. It’s a common practice to use a multiple online advertising components to create a successful campaign.

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In reality, a landing page can be any page that a visitor lands on after clicking on a call-to-action, link, or ad. However, what we’re referring to in this section regarding online advertising, are custom landing pages. These are pages that have a dedicated focus on a particular service or product, and tied to a respective ad or call-to-action in your campaign.

Dedicated landing pages are almost always standalone pages that are not formatted with a main navigation menu like the rest of your website. These pages will display only the information relevant to the ad created, and only link to a purchase, registration sign-up, or contact form for the main purpose of funneling the visitor where you want them to go, or the action you want them to take in your sales funnel.


Sponsored content can be formatted many different ways, from editorial content featured on websites, to sponsored social media posts, videos, featured product slideshows and more. Facebook and Twitter both offer sponsored postings on their platforms. Sponsored content on social media is often where people start at these days to generate traffic to their websites, views on content they posted, or even to generate a few extra phone calls to their business outside of paid search ads.


Please pay attention! This is important for anyone who wants to understand how we do things as digital advertisers. We do not just publish ads on the internet or social media and hope for the best.  We need to know, and want to know, how our work is performing, so we use analytics to track the performance data on websites, and paid advertising platforms. We monitor organic and paid performance, and make adjustments or complete changes when necessary.

Working with analytics you can not only see what works and what doesn’t, but you can go deeper into the data and see how visitors to your website behave when they’re there. Analytics is a crucial tool to any online marketing and advertising campaign.


Email Marketing is one of the most common elements in an online advertising campaign. It’s used a lot in marketing automation to follow-up with customers on purchases, visits, or information requests. Emails can be timed to send specific offers, or news, depending on a group of actions a user takes, or just as a simple follow-up tool to keep communication open with your client base.


Consumers rarely make online purchases the first time they visit a website. They can surf around the internet visiting many different websites looking for the best deal, or comparing businesses to each other to see the level of service other consumers have received from a particular company. This process can take place over a prolonged period of time, and across a variety of devices. For this reason, remarketing is one of the most powerful tools in a marketers’ toolbox. Remarketing allows a marketer to track users who have visited your website, but failed to make a purchase, commit to your services, or take any action at all – and then serve up an ad to them on another website using an ad network. This accomplishes a couple things; it increases brand recognition, and provides the consumer with another chance to return to your website and complete a purchase, or commit to your services. Remarketing can be setup on search, display and social advertising platforms.

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